Jun 242009

London satellite summary

Day 13: BLUE
Hyde Park/Serpentine, Buckingham Palace, Trafalgar Square, Eye of London, Tate Modern, Bridges/Towers/Tower Bridges, Towering crystal eggs
Day 14: RED
Soho/Carnaby/Picadilly/Trafalgar (reprise), North bank, Tate Modern (reprise)

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Full London photoset (flickr)

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Jun 212009

Montpellier satellite summary

BLUE: Before the Festival | RED: Fête de la Musique

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Full Montpellier photosets: Andy’s (flickr) | Nick’s (SimpleViewer)

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Jun 192009

Roman satellite summary

Day 7: BLUE
Random wide-eyed stomp from Spanish Steps through Centro Storico to Trastevere home base
Argentine Ruins, Capitoline Museums, Roman Forum, Colosseum, Irish Pub, Trastevere night-life
Day 9: RED
Vatican, Piazza Navona, Pantheon, house party

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Full Rome photosets: Andy’s (flickr) | Nick’s (SimpleViewer)

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Jun 162009

Paris satellite summary

Day 5: BLUE
Montmartre, Rue Daguerre
Day 2: RED
Arc de Triomphe, Eiffel Tower, Seine stroll, Louvre (not), Gardens, Pletzl, Bastille

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Full Paris photosets: Andy’s (flickr) | Nick’s (SimpleViewer)

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Jun 142009

Amsterdam satellite summary

Afternoon on foot: BLUE | Afternoon by bike: GREEN | Evening on foot: RED

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Full Amsterdam & Utrecht photosets: Andy’s (flickr) | Nick’s (SimpleViewer)

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Jun 122009

Dublin satellite summary

Day 1: BLUE
Arrival, Trinity College, Guinness Brewery
Day 2: RED
Cathedrals, Glendalough, Temple Bar

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Full Dublin & Glendalough photosets: Andy’s (flickr) | Nick’s (SimpleViewer)

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Mar 172008

Not sure how I’d come this far not knowing that R2D2 & C3Po were engraved in the Well of Souls.  Entertainment Weekly called this one out last week, kind of a nostalgic get-psyched-for-the-next-one article in anticipation of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull coming out this summer.  They didn’t include a screenshot in the story, but luckily the internets were able to provide.  Another cross-reference: the side of one of Indy’s escape planes (either in Raiders or Temple of Doom, can’t remember which) reads “OB-3PO”.

Boo ya!

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Mar 112008


A restless, judgmental, twitter-emboldened audience revolts during an under-stimulating, overly-awkward interview of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg at SXSW. Anecdotal geek sidenote or foreshadowing of the future of media?

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Feb 272008

Click to enlarge – had to shrink to fit the column and the png is a little unreadable.

This thing is great. I love stuff like this. You should hear what I have to say about visually quantifying product consumer trends. I’ll have you riveted.

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Feb 252008


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Feb 172008


Brunch at Charlie, Wiggins, & Dillons’ new pad, the “Rhode Island Manor” in Potrero Hill. Finally some friends in the neighborhood with a kickass view – the one thing my house in the Mission gully sorely lacks.

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Feb 102008

Rather than cranking out up-to-the-minute track posts I’ve just added a Logic composition repository page.

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Feb 082008


San Francisco did it to me again. After idling softly in the background for weeks, hardly catching my attention at all, today I got SMACKED over the head with SF’s endless nooks and crannies and gorgeous topography like it was my first time. February just went from nonstop drizzly to blazing sun and hey whaddya know, I’m on work disability leave with a half-broken torso but fully-functional legs. I love living in a place where a stroll through the neighborhood can be epic.

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Feb 062008

My epic war of attrition with audio production hardware, software, and everything in between may be nearing its end. I don’t want to jinx it, but I think Logic Pro 8 may be my huckleberry. Here’s a sampling of the goods from tonight – I call it collarbone funk.

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Feb 042008

Our garage welcomed a new guest tonight: the illustrious “Liberace”, fabulously tassled playa-cruiser, legendary agent of dust-storm romance, esteemed pianist of the pearly gates. Liberace’s life in Black Rock City was fairly low-key last year, having been a handicap transit cart rather than a full-blown mutant vehicle. But that’s about to change…

ZD YouTube FLV Player
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Jan 272008


A Sundance-snowboarding pilgrimage had been beckoning me for years, and I was super excited to finally be there. So excited that I scarcely noticed the vultures circling as I approached a wall of ice on Park City’s “Glory Hole” run. One completely unglorious wipe-out later and I’m showing off my 5 new collarbone fragments in the medical tent.

From then on it was me vs. the Sundance “10-step test-your-will ticket groveling system”, ice pack in my shoulder sling, screening schedule in my back pocket. Here’s a video clip of the director and lead actor speaking to the audience after a screening of Sugar: Continue reading »

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Jan 212008

The Wall @ KirkwoodIMG_8034.JPGIMG_8073.JPGIMG_7999.JPGIMG_8021.JPGIMG_8033.JPGIMG_8054.JPG
Well how about that, they still have powder weekends at Kirkwood. Or, at least, Sunday night surprise storms on marginally-celebrated 3-day weekends. Thanks MLK for picking a powder day to celebrate equality, and thanks CNET for proving more equal than other employers and giving me the day off!

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Jan 122008

Got some footage from Jay Riddlesberger’s self-DJ’ed bon voyage bash. I barely pulled out the camera that night, but happened to catch a bit of Riddles’ riffing on the mic – which you can almost hear if you ignore the pocket-cam bass distortion.

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Dec 312007

I’d already bought my ticket to the Anon Salon Sea of Dreams New Year’s bash when I got lassoed into “Vasty Rumpus”, the near-legendary off-Broadway jazz burlesque troupe billed to perform on the Cabaret stage just before midnight. Actually, they weren’t billed to perform there (yet), since the band didn’t even exist until early December… but a few rehearsals, a booking connection, and a promo video featuring leggy dancers (most of them old friends of mine – y’know, from my off-Broadway days) landed us the slot.

Here we are stumbling through Duke Ellington’s Night Train, though I suspect like most of the audience you won’t be too hung up on any missed key changes.


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Dec 292007

This was an actual voicemail my friend Ron left for my friend Mike, now immortalized through the animation mixdown brilliance of Allison Pickard. It has me howling every time I see it. Might help to know the people involved, but I think it’s a riot regardless.


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